Unreal Designs System Status

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Incident Log: #0006

Client Sites Offline for Maintenance

21st - 25th May 2016 #0006

Upgrades Completed 25th 07:43AM

All issues mitigated following upgrades, all systems functioning and online.

Data Transfer in Progress 24th 10:23PM

Hardware all installed, transferring all data.

Free Month Hosting Rewarded 24th 09:57AM

Auto: Major systems have been down for 1 day, all clients rewarded with 1 month free hosting.

Hardware Upgrade in Progress 23rd 09:57AM

Harddrive failure occured, replacements arrived, installing now.

Declared as Major Incident

Issues being Mitigated 22nd 10:14AM

Issues reported and located, awaiting fix decision from senior tech team.

Monitoring Upgrades 22nd 06:30AM

Instability reported, monitoring sites and upgrades.

Declared as Minor Incident

Upgrades Completed 21st 11:32AM

Upgrades all completed and all sites back online

Client Sites Offline for Maintenance 21st 09:45AM

Production servers & client sites taken offline for planned upgrades.

Declared as Major Incident