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Incident Log: #0017

Major Web Content Outage

30th January 2018 #0017

All Web Content Online 08:35AM

All web content is now back online. We apologise for the downtime due to issues at our parent provider.

Minor Outage 08:30AM

We are working to resolve a minor outage affecting some client sites now that the majority of our web content system has booted.

Declared as Minor Incident

System Booting 08:00AM

The web content system should now be booting back up. We will continue to monitor this to ensure it boots correctly and that all services are restored.

Parent Provider Outage 07:15AM

Our web content outage appears to be due to a major outage at our parent provider. Will we post any updates we receive here.

Major Web Content Outage 07:05AM

Our web content system is currently experiencing a major outage. We are investigating and aim to resolve this asap.

Declared as Major Incident